NSDL Payment Bank CSP

You can now open your own mini bank branch in remote areas to provide the customer with banking services. The Financial Inclusion plan of government of India aims at making all the areas in India accessible to banking services with the help of their business correspondents.

NSDL kiosk banking centers will provide account opening and basic banking facilities. They also disburse amounts for government schemes so that the money can reach the person it is meant for. Generating employment opportunities for the educated rural population, opening an NSDL kiosk center is low investment and good on profit.

Here is how you can become a NSDL CSP

To become an NSDL CSP, you need to fill the online application form on this website.

Before making a NSDL CSP online application, you should meet following criterion.

  • Should be more than 18 years of age
  • Must have completed education of 10th
  • Minimum office space to function
  • Office Image

Once the applicant of NSDL CSP registration meets all the criterion, he can apply online.

The banking team examines the application and the identity documents and reviews if the applicant meets all their necessities and then may approve or disapprove the NSDL CSP registration. In the case of approval, the file is forwarded to the required area bank. The applicant then receives training for starting the process of making live the NSDL Kiosk banking Center.

Services provided by NSDL Kiosk Banking Center

  1. Account Opening
  2. Cash flow Management
  3. Insurance Service
  4. Bill Payment
  5. Money Transfer
  6. AEPS

Once the NSDL CSP registration is done, if the applicant meets the requirements and if there is an availability in that region the applicant is from, an NSDL Kiosk earns commission for providing banking services to the customers coming to their Kiosk center. There are various commissions allotted for each service and each has their own fixed commission as a means of earnings.

Apart from a great earnings, opening a Kiosk Banking Center will earn you name, fame and respect as the mini bank owner.